Strategic Planning

University Campus Map for Strategic Planning

Market Research

The most effective strategies for driving performance are founded on a clear understanding of market dynamics and consumer preferences.  Our proprietary research tools identify opportunities to align services with customer needs and leverage market penetration.

  • Trend Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Market Capture Analysis
  • Benchmarking & Competitive Research

    Program Review and Assessment

    Backed by over 100 years combined operations experience, Envision Strategies' Program Review and Assessment services are designed to help clients leverage strengths and identify opportunities to enhance and/or reposition their services.  Areas of assessment typically include:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Services Mix
    • Facilities Condition
    • Operating Standards
    • Management and Staffing Structure
    • Financial Performance

    Master Planning

    Envision's approach to long range planning is comprehensive, data-driven, collaborative and results oriented.  The mix of services that comprise a master-planning process are based on each client's needs but often include:

    • Program Review & Assessment
    • Market Research
    • Visioning
    • Service Mix and Distribution Strategy
    • Operations Planning
    • Capital Development Planning
    • Financial & Return on Investment Projections

    Capital Project Planning

    We provide a broad portfolio of planning services for the built environment.  Owners and architects find that an investment in our services yields big dividends in ensuring that capital projects are leading edge, right-sized and operationally efficient.

    • Visioning
    • Demand Analysis
    • Space Planning and Programming
    • Project Cost Estimating
    • Financial Modeling and Return on Investment Analysis

    Operations Consulting

    Colorado State University, Academic Village: Capital Project Planning - Envision Strategies; Foodservice Design – Ricca Design Studios, Architecture - alm2s Architects

    Colorado State University, Academic Village: Capital Project Planning - Envision Strategies; Foodservice Design – Ricca Design Studios, Architecture - alm2s Architects

    Operations Analysis

    We offer the following targeted services to assist clients in optimizing their operational processes, service strategies and financial performance.

    • Management and Organizational Structuring
    • Meal Plan Development and Modeling
    • Patient Meal Service Strategies
    • Central Production Analysis and Commissary Feasibility
    • Labor Efficiency Optimization
    • Marketing and Communications Strategies
    • Operating Manual Development

    Service Provider RFPs and Contracting

    Envision Strategies is a recognized industry leader in assisting clients to source, evaluate and manage their service providers.  We are expert in identifying the optimal balance between quality and financial performance, and in developing fair contracts that provide a strong platform for productive partnerships.

    • RFP and Contract Development
    • Proposal Review and Evaluation
    • Service Provider Selection
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Contract Transition Assistance
    • Performance Standards and Scorecards
    • Post-Award Quality Assurance Audits

    Retail Dining Strategy and Brand Placement

    An optimized retail brand strategy is invaluable in driving revenue, satisfaction and return on investment.  Envision Strategies helps clients with portfolio development, placement and implementation of both commercial and self-operated brands.

    • Retail Portfolio Development and Optimization
    • Branded Concept RFPs and Placement
    • Concept Development
    • Prototype Development
    • Menu Planning

    Self Operation vs. Outsourcing Analysis

    The Envision Strategies team is comprised of experienced operators from both the self operated and contract managed environments.  We have deep insight into the implications of alternative management models and are adept at the comprehensive empirical analysis required to identify the best strategy for each client's unique circumstances.

    Business Plan Development

    We assist our clients in developing comprehensive, multi-year business plans for new services and facilities, including visioning, market assessment, pro forma financial projections, and identification of investment requirements.

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