About Us

What We Offer

Since 1997, Envision Strategies has been recognized as a premier consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and operations consulting for foodservice and hospitality organizations. 

Envision Strategies collaborates with clients to identify and leverage opportunities to innovate, optimize services and improve performance.


Why partner with Envision Strategies?

  • We are experts in the business of foodservice and hospitality; as such, we help our clients see the possibilities, position for the future, drive revenue, and save cost.

  • Over twenty years of sophisticated market research gives us a deep and cross-generational understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior.

  • Our cross-market project portfolio puts us on the forefront of industry trends - We are trend leaders not followers.

  • We are adept at navigating politically complex environments and forging consensus around innovative solutions.

  • We are committed to making meaningful contributions to our clients and our industry.


Client Testimonials

"I think what makes Envision Strategies most unique - in addition to the firm's deep food service knowledge across industries, approachable style with everyone on campus, and willingness to customize their approach rather than offer canned solutions – is stylistic. They are curious, approachable, likeable, and knowledgeable; I have almost no risk when I hire Envision Strategies because they are trusted by and trustworthy with anyone I ask them to meet, they are smart and informed, and I know solutions will be co-created with us and immediately implementable.”

Loren Rullman, Associate Vice President of Student Life - University of Michigan

“Successful results is the reason I recommend Envision Strategies. The blueprint provided to us was right on target and led us to achieve our goals. Our current model is a reflection of the plan provided by them, and in the first year we experienced a financial improvement of over $400,000.”

Bill Smriga, Executive Director of K-State Union - Kansas State University



Our Approach

We take a forward looking approach to our strategic planning engagements, combining vision with research, analysis, and broad-based industry expertise.

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Strategic Alliances

Envision Strategies and Ricca Design Studios are independent firms that often collaborate to provide clients with the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the foodservice industry. Simply put, Envision Strategies specializes in strategic planning and operations consulting, while Ricca Design Studios provides innovative facilities design, translating vision to the built environment. To learn more, visit www.ricca.com.

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